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Update 7th June 2021

I thought it may be useful to provide a brief update on what we are doing and how we are progressing. I am pleased to say that we will reach a halfway point this week meeting those who have come forward to work with us. We have some interesting experiences trying to meet the challenges of holding conversations online but we are pleased to say that the technology has not defeated us yet! Anyone who is worried or having problems with the technology, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Irene. The conversations we have had during our meetings have been extensive, courageous and, at times, very emotional. I remain grateful to those who have given their time to prepare, revisit and share their experiences with us. We are making good progress. Our focus now, following those first meetings, will be on the next stage of obtaining records so that the Panel can review, evaluate and feedback to each participant. Subject to exceptional circumstances, we are not expecting any further participants to come forward. I also want to set out our expectations as to the timing of publication of our Report which will follow the individual case reviews. We do not have an exact publication date yet, but we can say with some confidence that we expect to complete our work and publish our Report towards the end of this year. Our priority remains working with those women and their families who are currently participating in the Review. Themes from our conversations are already starting to emerge which, we believe, will provide an informed and practical Report. We will soon also start to evaluate what we are hearing and learning. This will help us design a process whereby a review of this nature may be offered to a wider group of women who have received transvaginal mesh implants.


Alison Britton- Moderator, Case Record Review.

19th March 2021: To reflect the discussion and feedback that we have received, please note the terms of reference have now been updated on this website.